About Us??   What is Nineside Entertainment? Who is 9Side ENT?

9side Entertainment is a Los Angeles, California based Entertainment/Record Company. CO CEO’s Troy Garner and Julian Ramiu founded the company in 1995.

Garner, is a businessman song writer and music producer. Ramiu is a DJ and Camera Man with a degree in business and marketing. The two put their capitol together in 1994 and released their first project entitled, Mac G Nineside Dope , in 1995 under their own label 9Side records. The project sold just a little over 50,000 units underground with almost no promotion. Numbers like those would have possibly bankrupted a major label. However, the independent entrepreneurs at 9Side found success with a basic plan, selling 50,000 units on the streets for $5. This actually provided a decent payday for 8 months of work. Since then 9Side has released numerous other Mac G albums, and several other projects. 9side has just recently signed a distribution deal with Def Jam records and currently has seven artist signed to their roster. These artist are: Big Kev ,Tish 420 ,LC Davis ,Mac G, Cnote, MC Budchillin and Lee aka The Big Dog. 9side is an artist owned and operated company that strongly believes in uncensored freedom of speech and expression. We do not stifle our artist, or their creative ideas in any way what so ever. 9Side is currently looking for hot new talent. If you feel you have what it takes to join the 9 team, please submit your material and contact info through our site. If you’re chosen a representative will contact you.

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